Priavoid aims to become a leading pharmaceutical company focusing on neurological disorders with unmet medical needs.

Our global growth strategy has three elements, centered around developing innovative therapies for neurological disorders, with a particular focus on drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, ALS and neuropathic pain.

1. Maximize PRI-002 commercial opportunity

We are working to maximize the opportunity for PRI-002. As the first potential causal therapy to treat Alzheimer’s disease, PRI-002 is expected to significantly improve patients’ quality of life on a global scale. Phase I clinical trials (SAD and MAD) were completed in April 2019.



2. Focus development resources on value-creation

To maximize the value of our pipeline, we are focusing our development resources to target CNS disorders with unmet medical needs. Our portfolio of neurological drug candidates allows us to develop therapies providing significant clinical benefits for patients in need.



3. Out license or monetize non-core assets

Partnering is an important part of our overall strategy and we are currently presenting our portfolio of innovative compounds to potential partners and investors. We are dedicated to ensure that our development programs will benefit from the best scientific and clinical expertise to bring them to market.