Our Pipeline

Stanley Prusiner received the Nobel Prize in 1997 for the discovery and description of Prions. The term Prion is derived from the words Protein and infection. They are known as the cause for mad cow disease. Since their discovery, many protein misfolding diseases have been described. A large group of these diseases belong to the field of neurodegeneration.

The therapeutic focus of Priavoid is on neurodegenerative diseases, but the concept is not limited to these. The field is characterized in particular by high complexity and sometimes controversially discussed causes and correlations. We are convinced that diseases such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's are caused by the clumping of certain proteins.

This so-called aggregation of proteins can lead to the formation of neurotoxic oligomers, which proliferate in a prion-like manner and spread in the brain. This is an irreversible process for which there is no treatment as of today.

Program Indication Target Discovery Preclinical Phase I Phase II
PRI-002 Alzheimer’s Disease Amyloid beta  
PRI-100 Parkinson’s Disease Alpha-synuclein  
PRI-200 Alzheimer’s Disease, Tauopathies Tau  
PRI-300 not disclosed  
PRI-400 not disclosed  
PRI-500 not disclosed  
PRI-600 not disclosed